Innovative Projects for Digital Humanities and Learning

Cross Library is focused on innovative solutions for the Digital Humanities and School, using Natural Language Processing technologies. We provides solutions to enhance and make the digital cultural heritage easily accessible.
An effective exploration of digital contents and a satisfactory user experience are two aspects of Digital Humanities which are gaining increasing interest.

Cross Library was established as a spin-off company of the Bruno Kessler Foundation, a research organization of the Autonomous Province of Trento, and CELI, a private language technology company based in Torino. We can offer easy access to the digital heritage in different forms and innovative approaches, overcoming language barriers. For education and training, Cross Library supports skill development in digital learning activities. 

Our services offer an effective solution to explore and visualize digital contents:

  • Digital tools for education to facilitate the creation, the use and the sharing of digital content and the development of skills in digital learning activities. At the moment, Cross Library is focused on the development of a tool that use Natural Language Processing technologies for the analysis of literature. We called it the "crunched book".
  • Semantic search engines for Digital Libraries: Cross Library has developed a robust infrastructure for multilingual semantic analysis, where  Natural Language Processing techniques are integrated with professional-level information-retrieval systems. We integrates tools for facilitating the development and maintenance of multilingual resources of increasing complexity.