The long and successful collaboration between Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento (Italy) and the company CELI srl in Turin, gave rise to the establishment of the spin-off Cross Library, in the Digital Humanities sector.


The company capitalizes on the expertise of its reference shareholders:


CELI provides software solutions that allow the automatic processing of multilingual texts. CELI's solutions range from speech to opinion mining, emphasizing language understanding and implementing the latest results achieved in the research field.


Fondazione Bruno Kessler is a research organization of the Autonomous Province of Trento that promotes research in the areas of science, technology, and humanities. Specifically it is a European center of excellence in ICT with a particular emphasis on language technologies (HLT research unit). Part of the HLT innovative research in the field will be optimized by Cross Library to provide even more intelligent services.

Massimo Poesio  is a Professor at the University of Essex and Trento, teaching Computational linguistics and Human - computer interaction.  He is part of the Language, Interaction and Computation Lab (CLIC) at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, (CIMeC), in Rovereto.