Semantic technologies for the Digital Humanities  (the laboratory of "crunched" books) is a learning environment that can be considered an example of  “semantic mash-up” for narrative. It is an interactive platform for reading, exploring and enriching literature works in different learning paths. It has been developed during the research project Sèduco (Sharing Educational Content) and it brings together different semantic technologies such as formal ontologies, social network analysis, mention detection, georeferencing and other data visualisation techniques.

A short video introduction to the crunched book:


Cross Library designs and develops innovative tools and services in the educational sector, i.e. applications that use semantic technologies applied to texts and other contents in the digital humanities area.  

These technologies and methodologies can be used  in a wider scenario, including not only school and education but also broader activities such as exploring the digital cultural heritage.

A description of the project and the prototype can be found in a scientific paper (“Exploring the Betrothed Lovers”, Bolioli, Casu, Lana, Roda) that has been presented in the Computational Models of Narrative workshop (4 - 6 August 2013 - Amburg, Germany).